Guided Relaxation Session

Shut your eyes, breathe deeply. Picture how much better you would feel about today if there

was a whole hour that you knew you could spend relaxing. Well there is - but you have to make yourself that priority! Booking a relaxation session can help you do just that.

The session starts with some gentle movement, grounding and releasing tension from the

body. The Progressive Relaxation Technique follows, where you learn what it feels like to be tense and what it feels like to let go and relax. A guided meditation/visualisation allows you to drift off to another place, allowing the mind and body to become calm and peaceful. As I

bring you back, we finish with some further movement to re-awaken your senses, leaving

you refreshed, calm and ready to face the world.

                                                                                                                                 60 minutes £35

Weekly group sessions are also held on Wednesdays at 11am - 12.00pm from Pine Cabin in Verwood.

Spaces are limited to 3 so booking is essential. Cost is £7 per session drop in or £25 for 4 consecutive classes. These can also be organised from your own venue.

Wellbeing mornings are run every few months in association with Samantha Wills of Om

and Me. These are 3 hour workshops which include yoga, refreshments and a relaxation

session. These are held in Verwood, Dorset and Ringwood, Hampshire. Please ask for details.