In collaboration with Sam Wills of Om and Me Yoga we offer the following workshop:

  Well-being Mornings which include a yoga session, elevenses (delicious cakes, fruit and hot drinks) and a movement and guided relaxation session with me. We include optional aromatherapy oils/lotions/crystals to aid relaxation.

NEXT WELL BEING MORNING: February 12th 2022 - Verwood, Dorset.

To book a space, please contact me via the website, on Facebook messenger or call: 0780 141 9898


Starting from the 28th February 2022, I will be holding a monthly moot ( a moot being an old pagan word for gathering together to discuss the issues of the village!) Whilst we won't be discussing the issues of Verwood (!!) we will be gathering to discuss various subjects or topics of a spiritual nature, as well as a short meditation and a cup of tea. 

Where: Initially in my cabin in Verwood (space will be limited) so book early!

When: Monday 28th February 2022

Time: 6pm - 7.30pm

To book your space, please give me a call on 0780 141 9898 or send me a message.